Landscape architecture is the craft of blending art with nature, form with function, and style with precision. It takes into consideration infrastructure, natural systems and the need to create unity and cohesion, while also problem solving for the lifestyle of the user. These are some of the core principles guiding our work at Linear Landscape Architecture.

Our goal with every project is to create an elevated design experience, one that’s sophisticated, modern and innovative.

As part of our design process we consider each space in a much broader picture, taking into account the vernacular, surrounding environment and ways in which users will experience the space.

Our design style favors simplicity, and strong forms set against natural materials. One of the most fundamental design elements is the line. It can serve many functions. By itself, a line is the most basic shape. But when combined in a composition, it creates more complex shapes, patterns and textures. Lines can also create unity and rhythm or help a user navigate through a space. And perhaps most fundamentally, a line is a connection between two points.

Our mission at Linear Landscape Architecture is to create similar connections utilizing creative, high-quality design with the ultimate goal of having a positive impact on how users experience space. Working hand in hand with our clients, we help to interpret and navigate the design process, working together to sculpt spaces that endure for years to come.






Joe Dodd, principal and owner, is a graduate of Purdue University's school of Landscape Architecture and now resides and practices in Southern California. In his professional career, he has been a part of several large projects including international resorts, multifamily and urban design projects, and served as project manager for a large master-planned community while working at an award winning design firm in San Diego. Joe has practiced and studied in several locations within the U.S. including Boston, Indiana, Phoenix, and currently Southern California. As a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, Joe served on the board of the ASLA San Diego chapter as VP of Social Affairs

Joe is a licensed landscape architect in the State of California

Joe has previous field experience within the landscape construction industry which provides him with a detailed knowledge of hardscapes, planting, irrigation, drainage, lighting, and custom-built features. Previously, as an employee for local landscape architecture firms and design/build companies, Joe has worked with several vendors and municipalities within the community. This knowledge of local materials and permitting procedures can help streamline the design and construction process for the client.