Below is a list of services that we offer for Residential and Commercial Properties. 



Specializing in Residential Design, LINEAR LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE offers a wide array of design services, including:

  • Conceptual Landscape Plans & Master Plans
  • Illustrative color plans for community meetings, HOA meetings, and/or workshops
  • 3D illustrative models
  • Construction Documents including hardscape, planting, irrigation, lighting, construction details

Each plan is drafted in AutoCAD to an appropriate scale, which ensures accuracy during the bidding process. Each design is customized to the client's needs, whether that be low maintenance, low water use, or by style.



LINEAR LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE has experience with projects of all sizes including master planned communities, public parks, urban revitalization projects, resort design, campus design, and public improvement projects,



In dry and arid regions such as Southern California, water consumption and efficiency is at the forefront of sustainable design practices. An efficiently designed irrigation system not only ensures the investment and longevity of plant material, but also minimizes water consumption, maximizes efficiency,and reduces waste, which will ultimately reduce monthly watering costs for the property. LINEAR LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE utilizes the latest technological advances in all irrigation designs in order to conserve water and ensure proper coverage for all planting areas.  It is essential in the design process to properly integrate and anticipate efficient watering practices when selecting plant material and placement. During drought conditions, it is important to stay informed of local and state water regulations.  By working extensively with local municipalities, our team can educate clients with current requirements and provide plan documents for permitting.  These plans utilize the latest requirements in determining Maximum and Estimated water use.